Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mini-Rant: Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

I didn't even know they made a new Home Alone this year!

Anyway, "major improvement" is the best way you can describe this film. It's kinda refreshing, but now it's just as bad as your average Disney-ABC TV movie. There wasn't a single character I liked.
You'd think that since this is the first Home Alone film in a decade (the bittersweet "Taking Back the House" was released in 2002) they would have "modernized" it a bit for fans of the original (Hi, my name is Speedy). But, hey, what did you expect from a Disney-ABC TV movie, something decent?

"...development for the film began in March 2012 as a co-production between ABC Family and Fox TV Studios. The two production companies previously co-produced Home Alone 4 in 2002."