Thursday, 27 September 2012

Random Cp24 post (9/27/2012)

"The CRTC approved an application by CHUM Limited (the station's former owner) in June 2007 to launch an High-Definition simulcast of CP24. As of September 2012, the channel is not broadcasting in HD, however an HD feed is scheduled to launch later in 2012."

You sure about that? Because I just now noticed that CP24 looks a bit...different today. Different meaning fresh!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


It's happening again. That mid-career depression. The same depression that nearly caused me to cancel Reycralibur before. I've spent three years working on Reycralibur, three years that I've could have spent creating a machinima that would shake things up. 
Instead of Link, Mario, or Sonic being the hero. Instead of a storyline where "X rescues X" or "X enters a tournament". I've already wrote 2 new machinima series that are more fresh than Reycralibur or Typhoon School. Just yesterday, I got an idea and storyline for ANOTHER machinima that's even better! I hate to admit this, but I do want to be noticed for my machinima instead of some random video I make. But this is the road I've chosen. I'm doing this for me, myself, and I.

I've come way too far and wasted too much time working on this, it's only fair that I finish this once and for all. This spring, it's gonna all pay off.