Friday, 17 August 2012

Vortexx, A New U.S Saturday Morning Block?

Say what you want about 4KidsTV and TheCW4Kids, but I'd rather watch that than Toonzai. It's all just back-to-back episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh now. So nowadays I'm just watching YTV's CRUNCH.
But according to Wikipedia, The CW is getting a new programming block called Vortexx (reminds me of YTV's Vortex, lol) From the looks of the lineup, I can tell it will be a breath of fresh air for US programing blocks. Why?

Well for starters, no anime.
Personally, I think anime was just not meant for Saturday mornings, (with the exceptions of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, F-Zero, Kirby, and Sonic X, but the original Japanese versions were definitely not meant for children) it was more at home during a Friday (Bionix) or Saturday (Toonami) night line-up. Not to mention the 4Kids dubs were deliberately dumbing down the content just so kids could watch them without parents throwing a hissy-fit. Secondly, it's not educational, not that there's anything wrong with an educational programming block. The problem is, there are too many of them (Litton Entertainment, you are not helping)!

Though something that bugs me is "WWE's Saturday Morning Slam". ...Seriously, they just won't stop will they? They just have to keep ruining Sports Entertainment, do they? But hey, if 4Kids can turn the Halifax explosion into the special effects from "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation", so can the PG-WWE.

All I can say is, for the first time since TMNT went off the air, I'm gonna tune my TV to Toonzai this saturday just to see it off. I'm well aware that it could ressurect as an online network like Kids WB and 4Kidstv, but to quote Squidward, "don't try to cheer me up. Please."

P.S You'd think FOX would try to take advantage of this by now and create a new programming block or, at the very least, create a new programming block and name it after FOX Kids. I'm guessing either they know to let things die or it wasn't making know...

Lineup taken from Wikipedia:

Cubix: Robots for Everyone † (TV-Y7-FV E/I) (now a Saban Brands property)
Dragon Ball Z Kai † (TV-Y7-FV) (broadcast rights held by Saban Brands)
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (TV-Y7-FV) (a Marvel property; also airs on Nicktoons)
Justice League Unlimited (TV-Y7-FV) (a DC property)
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (TV-Y7-FV) (a Saban Brands property)
Rescue Heroes (TV-Y7 E/I) (a Nelvana property; also airs on Qubo)
WWE Saturday Morning Slam (TV-PG) (a WWE property)
Yu-Gi-Oh! † (TV-Y7-FV) (now property of Konami)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal † (TV-Y7-FV) (now property of Konami)

† - Program carried over from Toonzai

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