Friday, 31 August 2012

Pro-Wrestling isn't a sport, but... (Reposted from Machinination)

...I needed a place to let it out. My name is KidKira, and I'm a pro-wrestling fanboy. I stopped watching WWE sometime in 2008 and didn't return until 2011. Three years later..., I never knew how much of a nightmare it would turn out to be. What the "PG era" would really due to "Sports Entertainment"

You know that guy who used to be about "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect"? Yeah, he also used to be one of my favourite wrestlers. You know "The Voice of WWE?" Favourite commentator...until 2010. Oh, and The Rock? Yeah...I hate him. He just HAD to come back and make everything worse, did he? He's not a regular anymore, yet he just shows up when he feels like it and the crowd's all over him like Justin Bieber. I know he's a hall of famer, but right now, he's just as overrated as the other guy!

But it's not his fault. Pro-wrestling fans are just horrible; they wouldn't know how to appreciate this art form if it choke-slammed them straight to hell! Everytime I talk to a PW fan on YouTube, I get a response that only a neanderthal can appreciate.
Sure, the "WWE Universe" is filled with stupid children, but TNA fans are just as bad. All they care about is turning WWE into the new MySpace. When WWE turned sour in 2010, they rotted the brains of their TRUE fans just enough so when they left that wasteland and immigrated to TNA...they became cavemen. (The precursor to COD fans switching over to BF3; it's just as horrible!)

Anyway my feelings for WWE are like if someone still had feelings for their ex-girl/boyfriend. Sure I found comfort in TNA and ROH, but it's not the same. Yet, I can't even bring myself to watch SmackDown, the very show that made me a Pro-wrestling fan, anymore.

Right now, I just wish WWE never went PG. I want to go back to the days of the "Post-Attitude Era." Back when I wasn't a fan of an overrated posterboy, back when I had something to look forward to on Friday nights (besides Bionix, lol), back when we still had intergender competition in video games, back when pro-wrestling fans knew how to spell.
Sure they can give Kane his mask back, and promote an "Attitude Era" mode in their video games. But it won't undo the damage they've done to me and others in the last three years. I don't know if things have REALLY changed since I stopped watching WWE again, but I don't really want to know either...

...As a pro-wrestling fan...I want to commit suicide.

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