Thursday, 23 August 2012

Machinination hates Call of Duty - Re: The 7 Things I Hate about Call of Duty (Reposted from Machinimation) [MISLEADING TITLES FTW!]

"Play a Treyarch campaign. They're usually better. The Black Ops campaign was pretty good, and the story was easily the best one of the Call of Duty franchise." ~naetle07

"I agree with both of you. I do enjoy the Treyarch games better, but I still run into the same problem with the endings: same things every time. They need to mix things up a little. In BO2, you'll probably have some slow- mo scene, and either kill this Cordis guy, or him and Woods will be good buddies again and they'll wheel their wheelchairs off into the sunset." ~CommandoX

I find it funny that the Treyarch games get more appreciation within the Machinination and non-COD fans then from the COD fanbase. The Black Ops campaign (while I'm still face-palming at the fact that it's a sequel that has nothing to do with World at War) was an improvement from Modern Warfare 2 and the multiplayer added some really great features (Create-a-Class 2.0, COD Points, Mercenary missions, and especially Combat Training).

You don't need to be Einstein to predict BO2 will be just like Black Ops (just like every other game so far), but from what I heard and seen, it looks and sounds like a HUMONGOUS improvement from MW3. Even non-COD fans can agree that Treyarch put more effort into Black Ops then Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games did with MW3.
And speaking of SHG, for them to say MW3 isn't MW2.5 and ask the fanbase to give the game a better score on Metacritic..., do they know the meaning of the word "dignity"?! Bungie admitted Halo 2 was a disappointment, you'd think Sledgehammer would do the same!

Honestly, the COD community is just sucking up to Infinity Ward; they treat Treyarch like crap ONLY because IW was the original creators of the series and blindly throw their money away like XBL fanboys (Coincidence?). Both the community and the fanbase are nothing more than pathetic, foot-kissing, children.

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