Monday, 27 August 2012

G4 Canada Needs a Makeover [reposted from Machinination]

Not to be rude but, when I look over the G4 Canada schedule and the G4 (US) schedule, I see that G4C is more of a gaming and tech channel than G4 ever will be. Yes, the G4C schedule just repeats shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show on a regular basis but, on G4, those are the only gaming and tech-related shows left on the schedule. People say that G4 is trying to compete against Spike TV, but I'm calling bullshit. If G4 is trying to be something it's not, a network for men instead of a network for gamers, then It's a losing battle (The fact that Spike has a so-called VGA show and G4 doesn't, only adds insult to injury).

As it should, G4 adds in non-gaming programming to broaden it's demographic and attract other viewers. However, G4C does that and still maintains it's original focus, something that networks like MTV & A&E could have done and could still do today*. The only non-gaming programming on G4C include UFO Hunter, Bomb Squad and the ADd block, which only takes up one hour and repeats once. So in total that's four hours of non-gaming programing out of a 24/7 schedule. They could even throw in the Anime Current block and nobody would throw a fit ('Cause anime fanboys have as much intelligence as Google Chrome's spellchecker and we could really use a new anime block).

So why do I think G4C could use a makeover? Simple, because it's not G4 or Techtv anymore. When OLN became a sports channel instead of an "Outdoor Life Network" (Thanks again, Comcast -_-), the Canadian version couldn't follow suite. Just like G4C, changing the main focus of the channel to match the US version would be a violation of their licence. So instead, Rogers gave OLN it's own unique identity while still retaining it's original purpose. Now since Rogers has 100% ownership of G4 Canada, they could do the same thing OR they could create a brand-new gaming channel!

I'm truly hoping for the latter because, as a gamer and tech-geek, it would be nice for Canada to get it's own branded channel for gaming and technology, instead of sharing the name of a US channel, let alone a US gaming channel that isn't even a gaming channel anymore. Not to mention, with Showcase Diva and History Television being rebranded as US channels, it's starting to get a little crowded.

I don't care if the schedule remains as plain as usual, I'm down with just a new logo and a name-change.

* Same rules apply for TLC, but then again, the original had "poor ratings from a narrow target audience". Why do you think A&E focuses on Drama and Documentaries? Because, adults hate learning as much as kids do! XD

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