Sunday, 5 August 2012

Call of Duty Community Betrayal

"I am extremely dissappointed that IW has chosen to go the lazy route and make a console port for PC gamers when the COD franchise started on PC. Why?" ~PaulB

When the reboot of Medal of Honor was released, PS3 gamers were given the VIP treatment. Because the original MOH was released on PSX. And you could tell with Battlefield 3 that they were trying to give the PC gamers the modern shooter they've been waiting for.
But when Call of Duty becomes the most popular online game franchise, what does it's loyal PC fans get? Shit, shit and even more shit! If not the publishers (EA, Activision) then at least the developers (DICE, Danger Close) have the common courtesy to remember where their series got their start.

Not to be fanboy, but when someone says "No Last Stand. Fuck you, Last Stand!" and then you get Last Stand, what does that tell you about the game series you've been playing?
Face it, PC purists, you've been "Humiliated"

P.S Quote from World at War page on Wikipedia, regarding the map packs:
"All map packs were released for free to PC players. Xbox 360 and PS3 players were charged at $10 per map pack"
Further proof that, if anyone, Treyarch actually cares for the COD community and Infinity Ward is scum.

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