Friday, 31 August 2012

Pro-Wrestling isn't a sport, but... (Reposted from Machinination)

...I needed a place to let it out. My name is KidKira, and I'm a pro-wrestling fanboy. I stopped watching WWE sometime in 2008 and didn't return until 2011. Three years later..., I never knew how much of a nightmare it would turn out to be. What the "PG era" would really due to "Sports Entertainment"

You know that guy who used to be about "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect"? Yeah, he also used to be one of my favourite wrestlers. You know "The Voice of WWE?" Favourite commentator...until 2010. Oh, and The Rock? Yeah...I hate him. He just HAD to come back and make everything worse, did he? He's not a regular anymore, yet he just shows up when he feels like it and the crowd's all over him like Justin Bieber. I know he's a hall of famer, but right now, he's just as overrated as the other guy!

But it's not his fault. Pro-wrestling fans are just horrible; they wouldn't know how to appreciate this art form if it choke-slammed them straight to hell! Everytime I talk to a PW fan on YouTube, I get a response that only a neanderthal can appreciate.
Sure, the "WWE Universe" is filled with stupid children, but TNA fans are just as bad. All they care about is turning WWE into the new MySpace. When WWE turned sour in 2010, they rotted the brains of their TRUE fans just enough so when they left that wasteland and immigrated to TNA...they became cavemen. (The precursor to COD fans switching over to BF3; it's just as horrible!)

Anyway my feelings for WWE are like if someone still had feelings for their ex-girl/boyfriend. Sure I found comfort in TNA and ROH, but it's not the same. Yet, I can't even bring myself to watch SmackDown, the very show that made me a Pro-wrestling fan, anymore.

Right now, I just wish WWE never went PG. I want to go back to the days of the "Post-Attitude Era." Back when I wasn't a fan of an overrated posterboy, back when I had something to look forward to on Friday nights (besides Bionix, lol), back when we still had intergender competition in video games, back when pro-wrestling fans knew how to spell.
Sure they can give Kane his mask back, and promote an "Attitude Era" mode in their video games. But it won't undo the damage they've done to me and others in the last three years. I don't know if things have REALLY changed since I stopped watching WWE again, but I don't really want to know either...

...As a pro-wrestling fan...I want to commit suicide.

Monday, 27 August 2012

G4 Canada Needs a Makeover [reposted from Machinination]

Not to be rude but, when I look over the G4 Canada schedule and the G4 (US) schedule, I see that G4C is more of a gaming and tech channel than G4 ever will be. Yes, the G4C schedule just repeats shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show on a regular basis but, on G4, those are the only gaming and tech-related shows left on the schedule. People say that G4 is trying to compete against Spike TV, but I'm calling bullshit. If G4 is trying to be something it's not, a network for men instead of a network for gamers, then It's a losing battle (The fact that Spike has a so-called VGA show and G4 doesn't, only adds insult to injury).

As it should, G4 adds in non-gaming programming to broaden it's demographic and attract other viewers. However, G4C does that and still maintains it's original focus, something that networks like MTV & A&E could have done and could still do today*. The only non-gaming programming on G4C include UFO Hunter, Bomb Squad and the ADd block, which only takes up one hour and repeats once. So in total that's four hours of non-gaming programing out of a 24/7 schedule. They could even throw in the Anime Current block and nobody would throw a fit ('Cause anime fanboys have as much intelligence as Google Chrome's spellchecker and we could really use a new anime block).

So why do I think G4C could use a makeover? Simple, because it's not G4 or Techtv anymore. When OLN became a sports channel instead of an "Outdoor Life Network" (Thanks again, Comcast -_-), the Canadian version couldn't follow suite. Just like G4C, changing the main focus of the channel to match the US version would be a violation of their licence. So instead, Rogers gave OLN it's own unique identity while still retaining it's original purpose. Now since Rogers has 100% ownership of G4 Canada, they could do the same thing OR they could create a brand-new gaming channel!

I'm truly hoping for the latter because, as a gamer and tech-geek, it would be nice for Canada to get it's own branded channel for gaming and technology, instead of sharing the name of a US channel, let alone a US gaming channel that isn't even a gaming channel anymore. Not to mention, with Showcase Diva and History Television being rebranded as US channels, it's starting to get a little crowded.

I don't care if the schedule remains as plain as usual, I'm down with just a new logo and a name-change.

* Same rules apply for TLC, but then again, the original had "poor ratings from a narrow target audience". Why do you think A&E focuses on Drama and Documentaries? Because, adults hate learning as much as kids do! XD

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Machinination hates Call of Duty - Re: The 7 Things I Hate about Call of Duty (Reposted from Machinimation) [MISLEADING TITLES FTW!]

"Play a Treyarch campaign. They're usually better. The Black Ops campaign was pretty good, and the story was easily the best one of the Call of Duty franchise." ~naetle07

"I agree with both of you. I do enjoy the Treyarch games better, but I still run into the same problem with the endings: same things every time. They need to mix things up a little. In BO2, you'll probably have some slow- mo scene, and either kill this Cordis guy, or him and Woods will be good buddies again and they'll wheel their wheelchairs off into the sunset." ~CommandoX

I find it funny that the Treyarch games get more appreciation within the Machinination and non-COD fans then from the COD fanbase. The Black Ops campaign (while I'm still face-palming at the fact that it's a sequel that has nothing to do with World at War) was an improvement from Modern Warfare 2 and the multiplayer added some really great features (Create-a-Class 2.0, COD Points, Mercenary missions, and especially Combat Training).

You don't need to be Einstein to predict BO2 will be just like Black Ops (just like every other game so far), but from what I heard and seen, it looks and sounds like a HUMONGOUS improvement from MW3. Even non-COD fans can agree that Treyarch put more effort into Black Ops then Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games did with MW3.
And speaking of SHG, for them to say MW3 isn't MW2.5 and ask the fanbase to give the game a better score on Metacritic..., do they know the meaning of the word "dignity"?! Bungie admitted Halo 2 was a disappointment, you'd think Sledgehammer would do the same!

Honestly, the COD community is just sucking up to Infinity Ward; they treat Treyarch like crap ONLY because IW was the original creators of the series and blindly throw their money away like XBL fanboys (Coincidence?). Both the community and the fanbase are nothing more than pathetic, foot-kissing, children.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Toonami Canada?

If only we could get a Toonami block on Cartoon Network. It doesn't have to be like the adult swim version. 
Seriously, look at this:

All they need to do is slap a Toonami logo and foreigners ("Americans") will eat that shit up. Again, It worked for [adult swim], didn't it?

The MTV virus: Why Canada is 99% immune
" In the fall of 2011, all references to ADd [Adult Digital Distraction, an adult programming block] was removed from the channel's website, however, the block remained on-air. As well, a vast majority of the programs included in the programming block, most notably, programs sourced from adult swim were removed from the schedule. This move was likely due to pressure from the CRTC during the channel's licence renewal in July 2011; referencing G4's divestiture from its original nature of service as a channel devoted to technology, the CRTC stated that G4's "programming is not in compliance with its nature of service definition" and that it detail measures "to ensure that the service is in compliance with its nature of service."

Basically this means that, unlike the US version, G4 Canada HAS to broadcast programming focused on technology or else! The same rules apply to the Canadian Cartoon Network. Sure, it can broadcast live-action programming (Teletoon has been doing it for YEARS and nobody gave a shit!). But they have to have more of a focus on animated programming. The only thing CNfanbastards have to complain about is the fact that we don't have a canadian Toonami block (which sucks because Canada is in dire need of a new anime programming block).

When OLN rebranded as Verses and then to the NBC Sports Network, the Canadian version didn't do the same. Because they would be in violation of their licence. The only reason History Television was able to break this rule was because, let's face it, even adults hate learning. Just like A&E, they had to do it to attract more viewers or face being shut down.

The only exception to the MTV virus is, ironically, the Canadian MTV channel itself because it uses the licence from talktv (which restricts Music-based programming but even if it didn't, it would violate it's licence by being competitive with MuchMusic).

I HATE usage-based billing, but when it comes to television, the CRTC is definitely gonna keep the peace. Now if only we could stop the infestation of Canadian channels rebranded being rebranded as American channels (I'm looking at you History and Lifetime). 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Went to the movies today: ParaNorman
...You know how they say anyfilm worth seeing, is worth seeing twice? Yeah, I'm gonna wait until the TV premiere to watch this film again. If I watch it too soon, it will spoil the thrill ride I'm gonna get from seeing it.

Why is it always the claymation films that kick the most ass?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Vortexx, A New U.S Saturday Morning Block?

Say what you want about 4KidsTV and TheCW4Kids, but I'd rather watch that than Toonzai. It's all just back-to-back episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh now. So nowadays I'm just watching YTV's CRUNCH.
But according to Wikipedia, The CW is getting a new programming block called Vortexx (reminds me of YTV's Vortex, lol) From the looks of the lineup, I can tell it will be a breath of fresh air for US programing blocks. Why?

Well for starters, no anime.
Personally, I think anime was just not meant for Saturday mornings, (with the exceptions of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, F-Zero, Kirby, and Sonic X, but the original Japanese versions were definitely not meant for children) it was more at home during a Friday (Bionix) or Saturday (Toonami) night line-up. Not to mention the 4Kids dubs were deliberately dumbing down the content just so kids could watch them without parents throwing a hissy-fit. Secondly, it's not educational, not that there's anything wrong with an educational programming block. The problem is, there are too many of them (Litton Entertainment, you are not helping)!

Though something that bugs me is "WWE's Saturday Morning Slam". ...Seriously, they just won't stop will they? They just have to keep ruining Sports Entertainment, do they? But hey, if 4Kids can turn the Halifax explosion into the special effects from "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation", so can the PG-WWE.

All I can say is, for the first time since TMNT went off the air, I'm gonna tune my TV to Toonzai this saturday just to see it off. I'm well aware that it could ressurect as an online network like Kids WB and 4Kidstv, but to quote Squidward, "don't try to cheer me up. Please."

P.S You'd think FOX would try to take advantage of this by now and create a new programming block or, at the very least, create a new programming block and name it after FOX Kids. I'm guessing either they know to let things die or it wasn't making know...

Lineup taken from Wikipedia:

Cubix: Robots for Everyone † (TV-Y7-FV E/I) (now a Saban Brands property)
Dragon Ball Z Kai † (TV-Y7-FV) (broadcast rights held by Saban Brands)
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (TV-Y7-FV) (a Marvel property; also airs on Nicktoons)
Justice League Unlimited (TV-Y7-FV) (a DC property)
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (TV-Y7-FV) (a Saban Brands property)
Rescue Heroes (TV-Y7 E/I) (a Nelvana property; also airs on Qubo)
WWE Saturday Morning Slam (TV-PG) (a WWE property)
Yu-Gi-Oh! † (TV-Y7-FV) (now property of Konami)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal † (TV-Y7-FV) (now property of Konami)

† - Program carried over from Toonzai

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Why I hate the 7th generation.

Peach's speech at 4:50
That is why I will always hate the seventh generation of gaming, It ruined everything gaming was about. XBL subscription based-services, fanboys, $60 games, popularity over originality (I'm looking at you, Infinity Ward!). It's sickening, that's all I can say.
It's downright disgusting.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Overused titles: "Smash Heroes"

I was halfway done with writing Reycralibur when I uncovered TheBulletKnight's SSB64 "Smash Heroes" and got the idea for a new SSB64 machinima to do after I finish my current one. 
Fun Fact: TBK's "SH" is actually the 2nd of three machinimas also titled "Smash Heroes" The first was a Brawl machinima by IzzyTheSmasher and the third was a Brawl machinima movie by SuperKario1. And if you want to go nuts, there was also the Brawl machinima "Smash Hero" by verescriptor of EpicFace in 2009 and, of course, Brawl Heroes by shadowlink4321 of Virtual Smash.

Overused titles: Super Smash Bros. Z

List of all web series titled "Super Smash Bros. Z"

CastelmanxD, July 2007, 64 Machinima
SuperSaiyanCrashD, November 2008, 64 Machinima (Z: Violacion Contextal)
dannygho26, April 2009, sprite (Z: Revolution)
djmaster100, April 2009, Sprite
SuperBoyalexDBGT, June 2009, Sprite
ChronosTHEtitans, December 2009, 64 Machinima (Z: Mario vs Metal Mario, Z: Legend of the Link)
Geniusanimation, May 2010, Sprite
bert456100, June 2010, Sprite


Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Next Anime Fighter... (Reposted from Machinination)

We went from Budokai to Budokai Tenkaichi. From Clash of Ninja to Ultimate Ninja. I consider both the DBZ and Naruto fighter franchises to be the Street Fighter and King of Fighters of anime fighting games. Now I think it's time for a new fighting game based on an anime series to take their shot. I thinking what we need to break the ice is a new 2D or 3-on-3 fighter. There are plenty of titles to base it on; Battle Vixens, Fighting Spirit, Saint Seiya, the list goes on.

Until then, I'll be waiting for Raging Blast 3...and playing Storm Generations in the meantime.

Are Mario Games Becoming...? (Reposted from Machinination)

I find it funny that nowadays Sonic has gain some notoriety yet Mario is always seen as the "be all and end all" of platformers. Ever since Sonic 06, every new Sonic game is always being bashed. Yet the new Mario games are always seen as perfect. And no, It's not because of the stupid "professionals reviewers are being paid to say this" excuse.
The last thing I want to do is turn the Mario fanbase into a bunch of nethanderals, like the Sonic fanbase, but I have to say it: We say Call of Duty is the same thing every year, I fear the same could be applied to a few Mario games as well.

First off, the main series games always have the same plot: "Bowser kidnaps Peach and Mario goes to rescue her". The only exceptions would be the american version of Super Mario Bros. 2 (though, on the surface, that was just a reskin of another game) and Super Mario Sunshine. I'd love to see some more spin-offs being released, not just with Luigi and Peach, but with some of the other characters in the franchise.
Here's an idea for Super Mario Land 5 (counting 3D land as number 4): Tatanga returns for revenge and it's up to Luigi and Daisy to save the day. Stupid, maybe, but it's a lot more fresh than "Mario, help me!"

Secondly, not every Mario game, main series or spin-off, is perfect. The original SMB2 really was "the lost levels" from the first SMB. It's the same game only with a few more features (sound familiar?) and harder gameplay. Same story for Super Mario Galaxy 2; on the surface, it looks just like the first Galaxy (maybe because it started out as some kind of expansion pack?).
And I really need to address New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Play the first world in both games and tell me with a straight face that, aside from co-op and the removal/addition of items, it's not the same game. The original Super Mario Bros. trilogy (or Quadtrilogy, if you count Super Mario World which was released in Japan with the subtitle "Super Mario Bros. 4") always had something major to separate them from previous instalments. Then again, Wii was pretty much a follow-up to the first NSMB. So then what about New 2 and New U, which were announced back-to-back? How are those games gonna be different from the first two? I understand that New 2 was gonna have more of a focus on collecting coins but what about New U, how will that game be different?

Just something I wanted to throw out there.

The Expendables (R&R Response and Reaction)
Action porn. That's the only way to describe this film. You watched for the action and stars, you leave because of the plot-holes and rushed pace.
" It pays tribute to the blockbuster action films of the 1980s and early 1990s" Yeah, well I'm sure the 80s and early 90s action films also had a good plot to go with all those explosions.
Sorry, but I'm gonna wait until The Expendables 2 is released on DVD...and uploaded to a torrent site. This film was a bad foreshadowing to dozens of dollars down the drain.
On the bright side, this was 9 times better than Modern Warfare 2. Yes, this film was better than that video game. Problem?
Good night, everybody.

Classification: Action-Porn

Call of Duty Community Betrayal

"I am extremely dissappointed that IW has chosen to go the lazy route and make a console port for PC gamers when the COD franchise started on PC. Why?" ~PaulB

When the reboot of Medal of Honor was released, PS3 gamers were given the VIP treatment. Because the original MOH was released on PSX. And you could tell with Battlefield 3 that they were trying to give the PC gamers the modern shooter they've been waiting for.
But when Call of Duty becomes the most popular online game franchise, what does it's loyal PC fans get? Shit, shit and even more shit! If not the publishers (EA, Activision) then at least the developers (DICE, Danger Close) have the common courtesy to remember where their series got their start.

Not to be fanboy, but when someone says "No Last Stand. Fuck you, Last Stand!" and then you get Last Stand, what does that tell you about the game series you've been playing?
Face it, PC purists, you've been "Humiliated"

P.S Quote from World at War page on Wikipedia, regarding the map packs:
"All map packs were released for free to PC players. Xbox 360 and PS3 players were charged at $10 per map pack"
Further proof that, if anyone, Treyarch actually cares for the COD community and Infinity Ward is scum.


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